Project Management

At its most fundamental, project management is about people getting things done,

– Dr. Martin Barnes, APM President 2003-2012.

Certified in Project Management with CODECS – Open University, Tothal project support and project management expertise runs throughout all stages of project life cycle.

Delivery is assured via detailed planning, cost control and proactive management of risks and issues. We understand that clear and unambiguous communication throughout the project creates a much smoother route to success.

A project’s lifecycle includes the following:PMSE - Tothal

  • Project start-up
  • Planning
  • Cost control
  • Change control
  • Risk, interface and issue management
  • Resource Scheduling
  • Document management
  • Stakeholder identification and management


Tothal has the experience to deliver a course of action that manages risk, time, cost and quality; the leadership to maintain complete control and transparency across the process; and the passion and enthusiasm to drive value at every turn.

Having accentuated experience in multi-discipline project technical leading, with involvement in industrialization launch, supplier and customer facing / management, establish and manage technical relationships with internal and external parties, motivating people to continue on furthering your business.

Working alongside clients, we adopt a value-driven approach to defining and articulating business and project objectives before identifying the most effective means to deliver, operating from deep within the organization, working harmoniously within your corporate culture.

Image credit - Luigi Mengato, Flickr

Image credit – Luigi Mengato, Flickr

First and foremost, project management is a team sport, and in today’s modern society it relies on the principal players of the team taking responsibility and accountability for those aspects of the project they have been charged with.

All teams need a leader, this is the principal role of the one commonly referred to as the ‘Project Manager’.

When working with people, there are plenty of activities associated with leadership. Here, the Project Manager is acting as the Project Leader. Softer people, relationship and communication skills need to be put to work, seeking to get the best performance from the Project Team. Coordination of multi-discipline teams requires strong experience in leading people even without direct authority, not just managing them.

This is where we believe Project Managers should be at their most effective. The project is delivered by the Team and, therefore, regular ongoing team maintenance, development and motivation are essential activities if the project is to be SUCCESSFUL.

The best leaders realize that the performance return from their effort invested in the Team and individuals vastly increases the chances of success.