Tothal Engineering

 10+years experience in the Automotive industry, working for top innovative companies, taking own part in supporting and pushing innovation and continuous improvement.

Tothal Engineering is a top-notch consultancy run by myself Alex Toth, experienced working in all phases of the product life-cycle, and customise Systems and / or Requirements Engineering to best serve your business' specific needs. Qualifications include, but not limited to, IREB Certified Requirements Engineering Professional, INCOSE Certified as Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP), Project Management Certification. The only sure thing you must know is what you'll get: the highest level of quality in any of the services we deliver!

As with all complex technical projects I place great emphasis on capturing the end user requirements and engaging with stakeholders to ensure that I deliver a system that exceeds my customer’s expectations. I am also proficient at leading engineering teams producing all aspects of technical and project documentation including project plans, work breakdown structures, schedules and specifications.

I have a passion for systems engineering where I am able to apply my technical expertise and project management experience to deliver engineering solutions across the product development lifecycle on-time, under budget and to the highest quality.

My philosophy is we don't just write requirements but create and increase value by using structured systems engineering and project management methodologies. Strive for and get a better product by writing the right requirements and making the appropriate engineering choices. That means total project costs decrease and a robust product meeting real expectations (not just some written requirements).

Important is to know that this site has no official relation with any of the current or past companies I was working for, whatsoever.

All opinions, materials, methods or information presented here are belonging to Tothal and / or are available for reference under the public domain or in the specialised literature.




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Systems Engineering


Tothal Systems Engineering

Is the art and science of developing an operable system capable of meeting requirements within often opposed constraints. Systems engineering is a holistic, integrative discipline, wh [..]
NASA Systems Engineering Handbook

It’s no secret that poorly understood user requirements and uncontrolled scope leads to many project failures. Many organizations are improving the methods they use to gather, analyze, document, and manage their requirements. Project teams traditionally document their requirements in a structured requirements specification.

  • Requirements Planning and Management
  • Requirements Elicitation, Documentation and Validation
  • Functional Analysis
  • System Architecture Development
  • Risk Analysis
  • Impact Factors identification and optimal solution choosing
  • Requirements Configuration and Change Management
  • Full Traceability creation and management
  • A common understanding establishing
  • Structuring to Manage Complexity, improve design, reduce ambiguity, errors

Project Management

Tothal Project Management

Tothal Project Management

At its most fundamental, project management is about people getting things done,

- Dr Martin Barnes, APM President 2003-2012.

All teams need a leader. Having accentuated experience in multi-discipline project technical leading, with involvement in industrialization launch, supplier and customer facing, Tothal has the experience to deliver a course of action that manages risk, time, cost and quality; the leadership to maintain complete control and transparency across the process, and the passion and enthusiasm to drive value at every turn, from project inception to closure.

  • Project start-up
  • Planning
  • Cost control
  • Change control
  • Risk, interface and issue management
  • Resource Scheduling
  • Monitoring and Controlling
  • Document management
  • Stakeholder identification and management

SE in context of overall project management.

Project management can be thought of as having two major areas of emphasis, both of equal weight and importance. These areas are systems engineering and project control. Note that there are areas where the two cornerstones of project management overlap. In these areas, SE provides the technical aspects or inputs; whereas project control provides the programmatic, cost, and schedule inputs.

What people are saying

Laurentiu Saceleanu
Laurentiu Saceleanu Continental Automotive

Mr Toth was Systems Engineer in my project team for the projects already mentioned above. This role was very important for my projects as he’s the key person to “translate” the OEM and/or International requirements for all the project disciplines: SW, HW, Mech and Testing, in order to be used as basis for our product development during the entire Product Development Life Cycle (PDLC). I was very happy to have Mr Toth in my project team due to his competence, his commitment for the promised deadline for its own tasks and of course the quality of his own work results; in both roles we’ve worked together: with him as System Test Engineer and as System Engineer.
Timothy Cotgrove
Timothy Cotgrove Jaguar Land Rover

Alex is lead engineer for our Systems Engineering process. He administers the requirements & specification processes, including change management, requirements engineering quality and requirements management control. He mentors the systems engineering team in best practice for systems requirements writing and change control for all Chassis owned vehicle configuration technologies and ABS hosted comfort control functions. Alex is the benchmark within the department in terms of experience and process understanding. He is our group’s 1st point of contact for system requirement definition and change control processes. He is the ambassador for systems engineering processes for our team and represents us across the JLR organisation in this regard.
Cristian Trandafir
Cristian Trandafir Hella Electronics Engineering

Alex was just my favourite tester as we didn’t just raised issues but also came with full description and very good suggestions every time he discovered a problem. He was one of the “head” of developing a new automated test tool which was used successfully by many projects.
His personal attitude is just right and friendly.
Cristian Cristea
Cristian Cristea Continental Automotive

Alexandru is a capable engineer. He is focused and determined to get better results. He is process oriented and I really appreciated his mindset to improve all engineering activities nearby him. He has a good understanding of technical aspect and he is highly efficient.
Giani Miroiu
Giani Miroiu Valeo Automotive

I know Alexandru since we've been working together with Continental Automotive, both in the same team and working in parallel as technical project managers. It was a pleasure working with him and having him around as a colleague. I would definitely recommend him for being an honest and determined person, open and positive, detail oriented but never losing the big picture from sight. The ability to easily relate with his team members makes him a valuable manager, along with being precise and focused at the same time.
Tamas Calin
Tamas Calin Continental Automotive

I have worked with Alex in two different positions and always his results were excellent. First time he was working under my responsibility on requirement engineering tasks. He did the job with very good results succeeding to clarify really fast the open topics with the customer and with the development team. I liked very much his positive attitude and skills to convince all stakeholders to reach the best results.
Second time he was technical leading the projects and there I appreciate his ability organise different disciplines in order to deliver the right product in the right time. All the people who worked with him appreciate his skills and his personality. I would like to work with him again knowing that the project is in good hands in that moment.
Mircea Dubar
Mircea Dubar Continental Automotive

I know Alex from time working together for one of the Continental projects - he was in the role of technical project lead.
Alex is an excellent team player which could find always the right way to motivate team members in order to successfully reach the difficult project milestones. He is a patient and persuasive person.
From technical point of view in the project we worked together he was a real help for all project disciplines, for each problem he could lead, advice or simply coach the people to get most challenging task done in time
He is organised and consistent in his work this shown also by success of project in a spice audit for this project
In conclusion in my eyes, Alex is a good professional and an excellent colleague.
Mihai Voinescu
Mihai Voinescu Continental Automotive

Alex is a great project manager and it was an opportunity to work together in Continental. He is a resourceful person and manages to keep you optimistic and motivated to find solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems.
I also participated in a training where Alex was the trainer - the presentation was highly professional and it was obvious that he has very high skill as a System Architect.