INCOSE Professional SE Certification

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Certification is a formal process whereby a community of knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled representatives of an organization, such as INCOSE, provides confirmation of an individual’s competency (demonstrated knowledge, education, and experience) in a specified profession.

The International Council on Systems Engineering has established a multi-level Professional SEP Certification Program to provide a formal method for recognizing the knowledge and experience of systems engineers, regardless of where they may be in their career.

Systems engineering is a relatively new discipline, getting its start with military and space programs in the mid-1960s. INCOSE was formed in 1990 and has grown to over 8,000 members in over 50 countries. INCOSE introduced its professional certification program in 2004 and currently has about 1,250 certified systems engineering professionals.

Systems engineers are in high demand by industry and government. “A systems engineer translates technical needs into an overall system architecture that creates the best operational capability at the most affordable cost,” states Paul Martin, Serco-NA systems engineering community of practice lead, INCOSE representative. Systems engineers are essential for the technical management, development, and acquisition of complex technology systems. “The systems engineer is the translator between program management and the engineering domains being used on a project,” says Martin. “The systems engineer can relate to the engineers the concerns of the project manager in terms the engineer can understand, and also speak to the manager of the engineering concerns in terms the manager can understand.” [1]

Certification provides benefits to both the individuals that get certified and their organizations.

The certification looks like this:

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There are plenty of training providers out there offering assistance and a structured preparation for the exam. Now, the CSEP requires at least 5 years of proven SE experience, plus a multi-choice answer exam based on the INCOSE SE Handbook. These trainings are pretty expensive, wondering whether really necessary when one has the experience plus plenty of material available, offered by INCOSE and others.

INCOSE uses Prometric as our testing provider, the computer test has 120 multiple-choice questions based on the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook.

Some might be wondering whether getting certified is worth the effort and cost. According to Prometric, there are a number of reasons why professionals should seek certifications:

  • Validation of knowledge
  • Increased marketability
  • Enhanced reputation, credibility, and confidence
  • Earned respect

There are discussions going on about this at various places including LinkedIn, the end conclusion would be everyone should research, balance and decide for themselves.

INCOSE Professional SEP Certification Program

INCOSE Professional SEP Certification Program