What I Learned from My Masters Study

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Patented - Alex TothShould I say first that I’ve enrolled for Master’s studies six years since I obtained my Bachelor diploma, and worked in the field the entire period. Then, you can ask, what’s one year compared to six to bring some more? Furthermore you will ask: then why bothering with it at all?

Well, there are several reasons and even some benefits (read results) also. In the first place, I have to say that I don’t need this paper, neither am I obliged to have it.

For the moment. But living these times when every block-head has a doctorate I’m glad I’ve done my Masters. Not that I’m looking for some advantage, but I close a bit the gap in the situation that should paper (and not skill or competence) talk. Who knows what the future holds ..

On the other hand I wanted to get closer with the academics, to approach my field from a different perspective, say a more formal one, compared to the efficient pragmatism we apply in the industry. See more angle and horizons, say, more possibilities not visible from our well defined and focused boundaries.

All these, I’m proud to say, resulted in a new patent in the Automotive industry, linked to my name. So I must say I even learnt some things I was not aware about, or ignored, dismissing them as not important for my field and interests.

Not rocket science, but certainly an easily applicable idea, with great chances to be seen on the field in a handful of years.