First Letter to the Customer

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The first time is always the toughest in everything. It’s the time of doubt, incertitude and great challenge. It’s the time when you don’t know when all the handles to operate and just how rigid things are. How should you approach this?

I was experiencing the first challenge when entering my very first meeting with the customer, meeting where we were supposed to convince the customer to accept one of our alternative solutions. It was a hell of a challenge.

Now, my solutions requires explanation. An explicative letter with a graphic illustration, a presentation, that is. So, 2 days were spent preparing the right explanation.

So, what a proposal presentation should look like? What to contain, I mean, what to be it’s structure? The challenge looked more difficult than it now appears to be, looking back to it, a trivial task. It was a success! But for the first time, could be, even that I exaggerate a bit, overwhelming.