10+years experience in the Automotive industry, working for top innovative companies, taking own part in supporting and pushing innovation and continuous improvement.

Tothal Engineering is a top-notch consultancy run by myself Alex Toth, experienced working in all phases of the product life-cycle, and customise Systems and / or Requirements Engineering to best serve your business’ specific needs. Qualifications include, but not limited to, IREB Certified Requirements Engineering Professional, INCOSE Certified as Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP), Project Management Certification. The only sure thing you must know is what you’ll get: the highest level of quality in any of the services we deliver!

As with all complex technical projects I place great emphasis on capturing the end user requirements and engaging with stakeholders to ensure that I deliver a system that exceeds my customer’s expectations. I am also proficient at leading engineering teams producing all aspects of technical and project documentation including project plans, work breakdown structures, schedules and specifications.

I have a passion for systems engineering where I am able to apply my technical expertise and project management experience to deliver engineering solutions across the product development lifecycle on-time, under budget and to the highest quality.

My philosophy is we don’t just write requirements but create and increase value by using structured systems engineering and project management methodologies. Strive for and get a better product by writing the right requirements and making the appropriate engineering choices. That means total project costs decrease and a robust product meeting real expectations (not just some written requirements).

Important is to know that this site has no official relation with any of the current or past companies I was working for, whatsoever.

All opinions, materials, methods or information presented here are belonging to Tothal and / or are available for reference under the public domain or in the specialised literature.

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