3D UML Modelling?

Developed on top of Google SketchUp? That’s interesting. I thought it dead since Google sold it to Trimble and it went silent for the least to say, as it got to be a paid tool now. This has been tweeted today, even though the news is from 2009: UML in 3D – #oldiebutgoldie http://t.co/EqgSNudYCA — Jordi Cabot (@softmodeling) September 6, 2014 Would be interested in further development of the concept, in a more professional look & feel for using in practice, provided it was shown effective. Would be interested in seeing some further development of the concept, in a more...

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On Motivation

Thinking about the way to maximize people’s involvement in your project, and full-heartedly follow you and push forward your project. How do you motivate them? There is nothing really new on this topic, people studied this area long and thoroughly. David J. Schwartz spoke about it in the The Magic of Thinking Big, illustrated by taking some largely ignored routes, like treating people the human way: “What’s the human approach?” Listening to opinions, never criticize but always praise publicly, using the sandwich approach to feedback … Recent research on human...

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Why Am I Doing This Thinking Online

In the last couple of days I had some debate with my wife on why writing everything down. This can be an annoying habit sometimes, I admit. Though, there is a long way towards I could say I’m exaggerating  Only trying to get out the best of me, and the situation at hand. Then I took some time for really thinking about it. All my big ideas implementation followed through to completion and all accomplishments came like this. Cause what good is a god given strike of genius that only happens into your head, when it dies being forgotten the second day, never having the chance of being...

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