Distinguishing Between Requirements and Specification

I often hear the term specification used for referring requirements… Some organizations try to produce a single specification to act as both a requirements definition and a requirements specification. When a requirements definition is combined with a specification there is often confusion between concepts and details. There’s no really clear distinction in it’s usage, though the difference is really simple. Then, what are requirements and specification? If you look on the Project Performance International site, the difference is explained in a very simple manner:...

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How to Write Your First Requirement

People always complain about the poor quality of requirements, but usually that all they do say: requirements are a mess. What would really be useful is they say what’s wrong with them, why they don’t like then, what to improve, what cannot be implemented or tested; generally, where they need to be able to do their work. There are of course some recommendations and rules to writing requirements. Good practice and a complete document nevertheless come following an optimal combination between experience, product knowledge, industry know-how and a solid and clear systematic...

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