A Quick Peek Over a Day in Our Life

To start with a statement, a clear view of: the System Engineer is the one who is leading the entire projects technical development, therefore standing side by side with the project leader, complementing him. So, the Systems Engineer becomes a point of convergence of the various expert’s opinions, recommendations and interests. All only seeing chunks of the entire problem, and trying to impose their perceived best solution. Here comes the Systems Engineer’s role in comprising the problem in it’s entire complexity as a whole, assuring that different pieces are still...

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Managing the Customer – Training Notes

Out there, in the working field you sometime find yourself facing or handling all kinds of customers. When you have to deliver “bad news”, say “no” to customers or to people in power, you are often tempted to placate with a “yes”. It is indeed a challenge trying to balance the need to be customer-oriented and the need to deliver difficult messages to our customers. You always want to provide exceptional service to both your internal and external customers. However, in the real world, things might go wrong and mistakes are made. Nevertheless, your goal is to have a happy customer...

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