Systems Engineering at its Finest

Ever wondered how design decisions are made? What are the drivers behind some of the most intriguing solutions? Here is a teaser of what’s going on sometimes in our world when striving to satisfy the customer. Even though a satire, will draw smiles on the faces of those designing...

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Understanding the Three Stages of Change

Change is a common thread that runs through all businesses regardless of size, industry and age. They say the only constant in the world is change. Our world is changing fast and, as such, organizations must change quickly too. Organizations that handle change well thrive, whilst those that do not may struggle to survive. The concept of “change management” is a familiar one in most businesses today. But, how businesses manage change (and how successful they are at it) varies enormously depending on the nature of the business, the change and the people involved. And a key part of...

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ReqIf – standardising interchange?

Just to drop a few quick lines on the side of this article from the most recent IREB Magazine issue: Open Up. The leading Automotive companies (both OEMs and suppliers) already picked up the lead in developing an open requirements exchange standard. And maybe this is the most important word here: standard. They are the most affected, so with a great interest in aligning exchange. Then my thoughts: how about open source requirements management tools? There are already some, but any chance soon any of them could emerge above all and replace the established ones, DOORS for instance? Especially...

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