What’s a System Engineer

There is still an active discussion of what System Engineering and the system engineer is all about. I found a very interesting post on the matter here. The historical roots have created some of the differences in these definitions of “systems engineering.” For example, the INCOSE definition comes from its roots in electrical engineering and its early application in places like Bell Labs, the defense industry, and space programs.[1] All systems engineering definitions and all industrial engineering programs share a focus on a set of methods and techniques, although the particular methods and...

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We Are Not Network Maintenance Engineers

Sometimes, you’ re asked what are you doing. Sometimes you want to see what others are doing. That’s when you might get confused yourself, I think the job name of ‘system engineer’ is abused. The difference between IT infrastructure maintenance ‘system engineer’, and those who design tomorrow’s complex products and systems...

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Is a Good System Engineer a Good Trainer Also?

First of all, I’m an engineer. My job is to fiddle with stuff, technical stuff. It’s what we do, analyse needs, direct requirements, trying to come up with the best solutions for implementation. That requires a strong analytical mind to cope with a lot of concurrent, and often contradictory items. But you are never thinking about the necessity to pass your know-how over, to explain your role, so often not well understood, or even questioned if really necessary. To cut the long story short, I was assigned as System Engineering trainer within our company, not because I’m the best choice (or...

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