Systems Engineering at its Finest

Ever wondered how design decisions are made? What are the drivers behind some of the most intriguing solutions? Here is a teaser of what’s going on sometimes in our world when striving to satisfy the customer. Even though a satire, will draw smiles on the faces of those designing...

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3D UML Modelling?

Developed on top of Google SketchUp? That’s interesting. I thought it dead since Google sold it to Trimble and it went silent for the least to say, as it got to be a paid tool now. This has been tweeted today, even though the news is from 2009: UML in 3D – #oldiebutgoldie — Jordi Cabot (@softmodeling) September 6, 2014 Would be interested in further development of the concept, in a more professional look & feel for using in practice, provided it was shown effective. Would be interested in seeing some further development of the concept, in a more...

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About Requirements and Design

Let us be clear from the start what requirements mean. Are they the description of the system to be? At first glance yes, even though that is only half of the truth: they are the description of what the system should be doing, and what is the fashion it should behave or look like. But they are not the description of how that behavior is accomplished. If you are looking at the implementation of a required (in other words requested, desired) behavior, you are looking at design. Because that’s what requirements are all about: the what. Requirements specify WHAT a system (entity) should be...

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