RIP Google Reader

A moment of silence for Google Reader… RIP [View the story "RIP Google Reader" on Storify]

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We Are Not Network Maintenance Engineers

Sometimes, you’ re asked what are you doing. Sometimes you want to see what others are doing. That’s when you might get confused yourself, I think the job name of ‘system engineer’ is abused. The difference between IT infrastructure maintenance ‘system engineer’, and those who design tomorrow’s complex products and systems...

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How to: 10 Sure Ways to Blow Your Requirements!

What do you achieve when you don’t know what you want? Sometimes the best way to perform is not to know what to do, but what not to do. This is best start not only to new comers, but also to experienced Requirement Engineer who takes over a new challenge. Experience and project specificity will of course add and tailor features and work process, but you already have a pretty solid and complete skeleton of your work product: the requirements document. So, here’s a list with some basics you can start with in order to fail: 1. Start working on phone/email basis: don't ask for a...

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