Need a slogan for the value of systems perspective? If you think on the front-end, you PREPARE If you think on the back-end, you REPAIR.


"Mr Toth was System Engineer in my project team for the projects already mentioned above. This role was very important for my projects as he's the key person to "translate" the OEM and/or International requirements for all the project disciplines: SW, HW, Mech and Testing, in order to be used as basis for our product development during the entire Product Development Life Cycle (PDLC). I was very happy to have Mr Toth in my project team due to his competence, his commitment for the promised deadline for its own tasks and of course the quality of his own work results; in both roles we've worked together: with him as System Test Engineer and as System Engineer."

Laurentiu Saceleanu | Project Manager / Group Leader -- Continental Automotive

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