Why Am I Doing This Thinking Online

In the last couple of days I had some debate with my wife on why writing everything down. This can be an annoying habit sometimes, I admit. Though, there is a long way towards I could say I’m exaggerating  Only trying to get out the best of me, and the situation at hand. Then I took some time for really thinking about it. All my big ideas implementation followed through to completion and all accomplishments came like this. Cause what good is a god given strike of genius that only happens into your head, when it dies being forgotten the second day, never having the chance of being...

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What I Learned from My Masters Study

Should I say first that I’ve enrolled for Master’s studies six years since I obtained my Bachelor diploma, and worked in the field the entire period. Then, you can ask, what’s one year compared to six to bring some more? Furthermore you will ask: then why bothering with it at all? Well, there are several reasons and even some benefits (read results) also. In the first place, I have to say that I don’t need this paper, neither am I obliged to have it. For the moment. But living these times when every block-head has a doctorate I’m glad I’ve done my Masters....

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Distinguishing Between Requirements and Specification

I often hear the term specification used for referring requirements… Some organizations try to produce a single specification to act as both a requirements definition and a requirements specification. When a requirements definition is combined with a specification there is often confusion between concepts and details. There’s no really clear distinction in it’s usage, though the difference is really simple. Then, what are requirements and specification? If you look on the Project Performance International site, the difference is explained in a very simple manner:...

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Trying Out the Role of Project Leader

Everybody knows I’m a Systems Engineer. Everybody knows I like it, and it fits me. At least, that’s what I like to think. What seems not everybody know is that I don’t want to change. In any case, not yet. A new responsibility has been pushed in front of me: taking care of a new project’s technical leading. I see this as an opportunity: of course I accepted. As I see it, this is a great way to get more exposure to things that would be difficult to experience otherwise. In part, there are aspects encountered by a System Engineer in his daily life (as working with a lot...

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Lessons Learned: Traceability on the Run, the Plan First

Always plan what you wanna do first, running to keep up isn’t fun…. Last month I had a not so pleasant experience regarding a (misdone) traceability, in the sense not done in time! I always preach that, when you are deriving requirements for whatever next level, the link to the higher level your requirement satisfies should be done right on the spot, immediately! That applies for requirements, standards, legislation, or whatever source a requirement might have. That way the effort for generating traceability becomes negligible. It’s not a separate dedicated activity any...

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We Are Not Network Maintenance Engineers

Sometimes, you’ re asked what are you doing. Sometimes you want to see what others are doing. That’s when you might get confused yourself, I think the job name of ‘system engineer’ is abused. The difference between IT infrastructure maintenance ‘system engineer’, and those who design tomorrow’s complex products and systems...

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