ReqIf – standardising interchange?

Just to drop a few quick lines on the side of this article from the most recent IREB Magazine issue: Open Up. The leading Automotive companies (both OEMs and suppliers) already picked up the lead in developing an open requirements exchange standard. And maybe this is the most important word here: standard. They are the most affected, so with a great interest in aligning exchange. Then my thoughts: how about open source requirements management tools? There are already some, but any chance soon any of them could emerge above all and replace the established ones, DOORS for instance? Especially...

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On Motivation

Thinking about the way to maximize people’s involvement in your project, and full-heartedly follow you and push forward your project. How do you motivate them? There is nothing really new on this topic, people studied this area long and thoroughly. David J. Schwartz spoke about it in the The Magic of Thinking Big, illustrated by taking some largely ignored routes, like treating people the human way: “What’s the human approach?” Listening to opinions, never criticize but always praise publicly, using the sandwich approach to feedback … Recent research on human...

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“I will try ..” is a path to failure

If the Pygmalion effect describes the dynamic in which an individual lives up to great expectations, the set-up-to-fail syndrome explains the opposite. It is the Golem effect. But I’d like to  see it here from an own personal perspective: an internal view. Why are we so afraid to fail? I think that a great cause of failure is one’s mindset, right from the beginning. We can sabotage ourselves before we even begin, afraid of failure or embarrassment. We are not sure of ourselves, exterior factors, the very conjuncture we can expect, it’s a new / unknown path, close to the...

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Lessons Learned: Negators and Affirmators

There are two “extremes” of people I think about today. Both types can be found all over the place, trying to do their best work, but being slightly held back by their own extra cautiousness or optimism. One is the overly pessimistic, always seeing things negatively. When you approach this kind, he always finds you a dozen of reasons why something cannot be done, all these is a flash as if just pulling them out of his sleeve right on the spot, without any effort. If you don’t watch out  you’re starting to believe yourself, and in two moves you’re convinced. Just...

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Why Am I Doing This Thinking Online

In the last couple of days I had some debate with my wife on why writing everything down. This can be an annoying habit sometimes, I admit. Though, there is a long way towards I could say I’m exaggerating  Only trying to get out the best of me, and the situation at hand. Then I took some time for really thinking about it. All my big ideas implementation followed through to completion and all accomplishments came like this. Cause what good is a god given strike of genius that only happens into your head, when it dies being forgotten the second day, never having the chance of being...

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What’s a System Engineer

There is still an active discussion of what System Engineering and the system engineer is all about. I found a very interesting post on the matter here. The historical roots have created some of the differences in these definitions of “systems engineering.” For example, the INCOSE definition comes from its roots in electrical engineering and its early application in places like Bell Labs, the defense industry, and space programs.[1] All systems engineering definitions and all industrial engineering programs share a focus on a set of methods and techniques, although the particular methods and...

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