Systems Engineering at its Finest

Ever wondered how design decisions are made? What are the drivers behind some of the most intriguing solutions? Here is a teaser of what’s going on sometimes in our world when striving to satisfy the customer. Even though a satire, will draw smiles on the faces of those designing...

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ReqIf – standardising interchange?

Just to drop a few quick lines on the side of this article from the most recent IREB Magazine issue: Open Up. The leading Automotive companies (both OEMs and suppliers) already picked up the lead in developing an open requirements exchange standard. And maybe this is the most important word here: standard. They are the most affected, so with a great interest in aligning exchange. Then my thoughts: how about open source requirements management tools? There are already some, but any chance soon any of them could emerge above all and replace the established ones, DOORS for instance? Especially...

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The INCOSE Role of Systems Engineers

During the past thirty years, managers have found it advantageous, on projects of moderate size and above, to designate individuals whose primary responsibilities are systems oriented. These people are the “glue” that binds all the sometimes diverse system elements together. They provide the decentralized leadership and paths for the up/down communications that must occur in 1) flowing “down” the system level and project perspectives and 2) flowing “up” the component and subsystem perspectives of problems and difficulties with implementing designs and the...

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A Quick Peek Over a Day in Our Life

To start with a statement, a clear view of: the System Engineer is the one who is leading the entire projects technical development, therefore standing side by side with the project leader, complementing him. So, the Systems Engineer becomes a point of convergence of the various expert’s opinions, recommendations and interests. All only seeing chunks of the entire problem, and trying to impose their perceived best solution. Here comes the Systems Engineer’s role in comprising the problem in it’s entire complexity as a whole, assuring that different pieces are still...

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What’s a System Engineer

There is still an active discussion of what System Engineering and the system engineer is all about. I found a very interesting post on the matter here. The historical roots have created some of the differences in these definitions of “systems engineering.” For example, the INCOSE definition comes from its roots in electrical engineering and its early application in places like Bell Labs, the defense industry, and space programs.[1] All systems engineering definitions and all industrial engineering programs share a focus on a set of methods and techniques, although the particular methods and...

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We Are Not Network Maintenance Engineers

Sometimes, you’ re asked what are you doing. Sometimes you want to see what others are doing. That’s when you might get confused yourself, I think the job name of ‘system engineer’ is abused. The difference between IT infrastructure maintenance ‘system engineer’, and those who design tomorrow’s complex products and systems...

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